Vettel hopes for a nicer racing god next year

Ferrari-star Sebastian Vettel hopes for a bit more luck for the fight for the World Cup next season in formula 1.

racing can sometimes be cruel,”the cheerleader of the news agency said”AFP”. This year, he and his team would have had their share in the fact that it was often quite terrible for the Scuderia. “The Scuderia The race god could be nicer next year,”he said.

Due to his own mistakes and patzer of his team Vettel has only theoretical chances in the World Cup against Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. Yet he wants to keep the race open as long as possible.” Staying home is not an option. Giving up is not an option,”he said. Vettel wants to win at the US Grand Prix (Sunday, 21:10 clock RTL) in order to postpone the decision.” That must be the goal,”he said.

Hamilton drew from the last seven races 168 from 175 possible points and thus transformed an eight-point delay after his home race into a lead of 67 counters. If the Brit collects eight points more than Vettel in Texas, the fifth World Cup title is no longer available.