Vettel starts with renewed drive unit

Sebastian Vettel starts at the end of the field with a new drive unit in his Ferrari at the end of the field at the Singapore Grand Prix (14-hour MESZ at RTL and in the liveticker). In the rear of the 29-year-old’s car, a new combustion engine, a new turbocharger and a fresh MGU-H were built. He also gets a new transmission.

Ferrari built the new parts for tactical reasons. In fact, Vettel would have had to take a delicate step backwards in the starting position, but the previous year’s race starts as the last in the field anyway. Vettel had to contend with technical problems in qualifying (break of the cross stabilizer) and was already eliminated in Q1.

Also in the Haas of Romain Grosjean the gearbox was changed, the Frenchman is likely to be penalized by five places and will probably enter the race as 19.