Vogts argues for trainer compulsory internship abroad

The former German trainer Berti Vogts argues for a compulsory internship abroad for future trainers.

“If you were not at least four weeks abroad, you should not get a license,” said the 73-year-old who had also worked in Kuwait, Scotland, Nigeria and Azerbaijan in his long career, the “Rheinische Post”.

A “Wagenburg mentality” is not good. If you cook too much in your own juice, you can’t go any further,”said Vogts, who is a member of the board of directors of national teams and the Academy of the German Football Federation.

He loves constant exchange with other nations. In other countries, very good young people’s work is done, which also has to do with the quality of trainer training. As a DFB, we can also learn something there,”said the European champion of 1996. Every football nation still has its peculiarities, from which you can learn a lot.”