Wagner admits error: “Was not a good decision”

David Wagner and FC Schalke are still on the verge of the first whistle with a view to the Bundesliga season 2020/21 under special observation. The first is the disastrous test game results of the royal flowers. But also the back-round 19/20 is still working.

After the Schalke in the last back-round made an unprecedented descent, the team was mainly designated by many fans and experts as the main responsibility. In the interview with the “Sports Image”, however, coach David Wagner also admits some serious errors in retrospect.

“That we did not lie properly in the planning and control, especially after the Corona break, is undisputed,” said the coach of the buttons, “It was not a good decision, the guys who had been so long because of their Injuries have not played to be reinstated immediately at the first game after restarting. […] I’ve done too much for them, and I didn’t really lie down.”

Wagner over the Schalker Torwart Theater

No mistake in Wagner’s eyes was the interplay between the posts. After Alexander Njell was still the undisputed number one in the round, the coach gave the advantage to Markus Schubert. After fluctuating performances against the end of the season, however, none of the gatekeepers were able to convince me of anything else.

“Every single gatekeeper decision I made would be exactly the same,” Wagner said. For him and also for outsiders, these decisions had been “coherent and understandable”.

Wagner explains Schalke’s test game blues

For outsiders, however, the results that FC Schalke stumbled upon in some test games in recent days are very difficult to understand. Above all, the defeats against SC Verl and KFC Uerdingen caused alarm bells to ring again for many followers.

“I understand that test games against inferior opponents are very high on a club as big as ours. But we were aware that something like this could happen to us,”Wagner tried to smooth the scales. We are not preparing the players for testing games, but for an almost ten-month season without a winter break,”the coach explained the strongly fluctuating performances.

Schalke has”nothing to do with the tip at the moment”

Important for Wagner with a view to the coming season, that the supporters of the club go into the season with the right attitude. The perception of Schalke’s past as compared to the present does not fit together,”the 48-year-old warned against still taking the most successful years of club history as a yardstick.

“There are people who are now 30 or even older who cannot understand, that we have nothing to do with Bavaria Munich and the top clubs at the moment. But that’s a fact! And everyone must understand this,”Wagner stressed, who once again explicitly lowered expectations:”The basic route of march has been set by the board of directors: that Schalke will not be able to put Europe as a goal in the foreseeable future.”