Watzke reveals: BVB knowingly bought Reus punishment

Because Marco Reus has taken his seat next to Werder Bremen (2:2) in spite of his red lockdown from the precinct rby, the DFB is now investigating against the BVB and its captain.

A circumstance that does not concern Hans-Joachim Watzke. On the contrary: Apparently, the blacks have accepted the threat of punishment.

“We were already aware that this is not actually allowed,” Watzke told the “Ruhr News” on Monday. The consequences, however, leave Dortmund Managing Director cold: “We will probably get a fine from the DFB, which we will also accept.” The whole thing was “no big deal.”

It was important for Reus with his experience to be at the side of the team in Bremen, said Watzke. That is why the captain had also travelled to Bremen.

Marco Reus could not sit on the platform

The fact that the 29-year-old then sat next to physiotherapist Thomas Zetzmann was due to a problem with the actual seat on the platform. This Reus apparently could not take. That is why the vacant seat next to the replacement bench should be used.” We had to take care of more important things before the start of this game,”explained Watzke.

The rules of the German Football Federation state:”Persons are not allowed to sit on the replacement bench, which have been subject to a ban as a player by decision of the DFB’s legal bodies.”

According to”Image”, the DFB Control Committee regrets an opinion. A possible punishment will then be decided. However, the perpetrator is not threatened with an extension of his red block, but a fine is very likely.