Westermann does not see Schalke as a top team

Ex-pro Heiko Westermann sees FC Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga top game at RB Leipzig on Saturday as an outsider.

“Seen over the season, RB Leipzig is clearly one of the top four teams in the Bundesliga for me, but Schalke would not yet be reinstated there,” Westermann said to the “WAZ.” But in a game, anything is possible. To get three points, Schalke needs an extremely good day and a football and running top performance.”

Schalke’s balance sheet in the Leipzig Red Bull Arena agrees with Westermann. In three league games at RB, the royal flowers only scored one point, the goal ratio being 2:5.

Outside games at East Club had always been “pretty ticklish issues” at his active time, Westermann remembered. “The game was a very ticklish one. The mood in the stadiums was somehow special, even during my Bielefeld period. If then a big traditional association and championship league participants such as Schalke went to Cottbus, Rostock or wherever, it went up there of course. In such games, one thing is important: you must be there from the first second.”