Wetzlar coach angry: Bundesliga shoots’The Walking Dead’

Success coach Kai Wandschneider from HSG Wetzlar has criticized the burden on the professionals in the handball industry. The coach chose a comparison from the world of TV series.

“Many players don’t want to go to the first Bundesliga anymore because it is known that the Bundesliga will crush you,” said the 58-year-old of the “FAZ”.

For wall cutters, who meets the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf on Saturday (18:00 o’clock) in Hamburg with his team in the Cup semi-final, the bike was completely turned over.

“The summer break of the national players has merged into three weeks. I cannot resist the impression that the eleventh season of’The Walking Dead’is being filmed in the Bundesliga,”said the head trainer, referring to a US zombie television series.

“The players tell me: We can play many games. “When I was 2001 with Dormagen in the first league, the season ended on the 15th of May and the next began on the 15th of September. We had breaks. Creativity could develop.”

Wall cutter criticizes”Inflation of major events”

Today it is different. It has been the case for a long time that the field of business in handball overlaps the playing field,”said Wandschneider, calling for a”strong players’union. I recommend my players to go in there and influence.”

There is a”inflation of major events. The worst case of a player are 80 games a year.”

Wandschneider sees”as exhausted, burned out players as in football. One does not have to believe that this is not the case in handball, just because we have not yet had a Per Mertesacker,”said the native Hamburger.

World Champion Mertesacker had addressed the pressure in the football business in an interview and reported, among other things, nausea, diarrhoea and exhaustion.

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