Why Binotto is mad at Leclerc

The Ferrari team had a big show on Italian TV last weekend.

At Rai 2″both team leader Mattia Binotto and Sebastian Vettel were personally a guest. Charles Leclerc had to be connected via video conference. His planned flight from Monaco to Milan had been cancelled in the short term.

But he had already boarded a plane and jumped out of it! The fact that Leclerc recently made a parachute jump during the Dubai vacation still annoys Binotto: “I haven’t forgiven him for that yet,” Binotto said during the TV show. “I’ve never forgiven him for that.” But he promised me he would never do it again.”

Vettel couldn’t stand the grin:”Charles’mistake was not to have invited Mattia. I’ve tried it myself before. But that was before I came to Ferrari.”And Red Bull, as you know, sees such actions a little more relaxed than the conservative Scuderia.

In principle Binotto is satisfied with his drivers:”They represent the best pair of drivers that there is in formula 1,”says the Ferrari team leader.”In principle, Binotto is satisfied with his drivers.” Seb is a four-time world champion, and Charles is the first boy from our own cadre to take it to the Ferrari racer. And in his first season he achieved excellent results at once.”

“Have very, very strong opponents”

For the winter tests starting tomorrow in Barcelona be ready Ferrari.” But we don’t make predictions,”the native Swiss narrows it down. Last year we thought we were very strong, but then there was a cold shower in Australia for us. The beginning of the season was not good. Only at the end of the championship could we recover from it.”

The Ferrari team in its current composition is still”a young group that is still growing and needs to learn lessons from the past,”says Binotto. As a concrete example, it highlights reliability. And he adds: “Let us not forget how high the level in formula 1 is at present. We have very, very strong opponents.”