Why less football has been watched on TV since Corona

The special game operation has cost the football league spectators –even in front of the TV.

The numbers of the “Sports Show” and the “Current Sports Studio” dropped significantly after the Corona break, even drastically in the live broadcasts of the DFB Cup. The exception was the final release, where more fans watched than a year ago.

The most obvious was the lost interest in the “Sports Show”, which lost over a million spectators per game day. Until the break, 4814 million turned on the ARD classic and ensured a market share of 21.9 percent. From 26th. On game day the values were at 3782 million and 15,2 percent.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had his own interpretation. In some’ARD’shows, football was talked about in rubble and ashes during the lockdown. Now they are surprised that the switching rates are unsatisfactory,”the Bavarian boss said a few days ago in the”Trade Sheet.” There have been enough talk shows in which the DFL concept and the plans to restart the game were very negative. This could have been discussed in part more seriously and fairly.”

The”ARD”naturally sees it differently. Surprisingly, sports coordinator Axel Balkausky still does not want to comment on Rummenigge’s attack and offers other explanations.” There are still people who do not agree with this,”Balkausky said to the special gaming company. And there are TV viewers who “don’t like games without spectators in the stadium.” The “ARD” man basically pointed out that football in Corona times for some people “obviously doesn’t have the meaning as usual.”

Even in the DFB Cup the declining interest was clear.” In the semi-finals and the finals there were significantly fewer spectators than in previous years,”Balkausky said. On average, only 7.01 million saw FC Bayern Munich win the next title in the final game against Bayer Leverkusen (4:2). That’s about thirty percent less than usual. More specifically, the final 2019 between Bavaria and RB Leipzig had seen 9958 million (34,9 percent).

“Some range chords” at Sky

Also the “Current Sports Studio” recorded a minus: In the “ZDF” in the back round up to the Corona break, on average two,21 millions watched, then only 1,90 million. Against the trend, the second one increased in the two-fold release. Overall, five,84 million saw the two parties Ingolstadt versus Nuremberg, who were apparently more attractive than Ingolstadt versus Wehen-Wiesbaden with four,45 million last year.” DAZN and Amazon do not publish quotas.

Interesting were also the numbers of the conference call, the “Sky” on 26. and 27. Spieltag had shown free of charge. For the first time, two,45 million fans watched the free TV offer, and for the second time only one,65 million. More than thirty percent of the new viewers were therefore not interested. While the number of “Sky” customers who chose the conference even slightly increased.

On the hardcore fans who spend money for their passion, the trend of declining interest does not seem to apply.” Sky explained: “The average range was three percent above the previous year’s level and average for 4,22 million viewers.” On Saturday afternoon, the number of viewers even increased by twelve percent to around 1,8 million.” At’Sky’, especially after the restart, we were able to achieve some range chords,”commented sports and marketing director Jacques Raynaud.