Why Williams doesn’t also build a Mercedes copy

It’s not that we don’t have a piss Mercedes,”says Claire Williams. The depth of form of the Formula One team has quite different reasons. And it is precisely these that cannot be remedied by the replication of a competing product. At the same time, this would contradict Williams’corporate ethos, as the deputy team leader explains.

“We are an independent designer and proud of it,” she says. “We are an independent designer and proud of it.” If we ever do it wrong, it’s our fault. If we get it right, we’ll cancel the eulogy. This is extremely important for our self-understanding.”

And so wrong could not be the business model of Williams, says Williams. Finally, the traditional team from Grove in the UK operated “successfully” in formula 1 in the years 2014 to 2017. Only “the last two years” had not been satisfactory for Williams.

The Williams balance sheet of the past years

In fact, the former World Championship team has been waiting since 1997 for another title win and since 2012 for another race in formula 1.

Before the beginning of the Turbo hybrid era in the form 1.

the season 2014 the racing stable last 2007 in the top five of the designer’s value, From 2014 onwards, he benefited mainly from the strong Mercedes drives and twice proved P3 and twice P5 in the final reckoning.

2018 but Williams crashed into the last table place and experienced a much more bitter setback: the worst Williams season so far with just one WM point out of 21 Racing.

Racing Point model for Williams not tempting

Should Williams be focusing on Racing Point at this weak point? The British competition team has done a good job with its Mercedes “replica” at least on the test runs.

Claire Williams does not want to know about it: “Your decision. You’re not taking this the way we are. We have a complete production department in the team and we want to keep that. They don’t have that option. They are not so broad.”

That is why this approach to Racing Point is quite”useful”, says Williams. As an example for their own team, however, this could not hold, especially since in Formula One each racing station follows its own course anyway.” There are many different business models that all work in their own way,”says Williams.

The Williams model, however, did not work at all last and the former top team of formula 1 is now the clear end.