Will Youngster Naughty be Schalke’s new recruit?

On Schalke, some people are currently remembering autumn 2006. The goalkeeper Frank Rost (then 33) was twice brilliantly represented by the young Manuel Neuer (20).

After his injury Rost returned to the goal, six games later Coach Mirko Slomka performed the generational change and made the later world champion Neuer the tribal keeper. The current Schalke coach Domenico Tedesco could soon face a similarly difficult decision. At the latest after the 6:5 in the eleventh-metre shot in the DFB-Cup for two-tier top riders 1. FC Cologne threatens him with a luxury problem in the middle of the really bad season.

Because currently U21 National Torpedo Keeper Alexander Nuel (22) represents the incumbent Chief of Staff Ralf Ferrmann (30). He is also a captain, his achievements gave little cause for criticism. But he is bad for the future and thought in four obligatory games so strong that he is actually too strong for a permanent number two. In the Champions League in Istanbul he saved the 0:0, in Cologne he immediately held the first eleventh metre of Marco Right.

A permanent change between the posts is not planned at the moment, the leaders make that clear. But their statements also leave room for interpretation.” For example, manager Christian Heidel says, “When he says Ralle is playing, Ralle is playing. And when he says he’s bad, he’s bad. But it has been discussed t hat Ralle is in the goal.”

Schalke-Coach Tedesco has a crush on Alexander Njell

Tedesco also says:”Ralle is the one with us, that is what Alex himself said. But the “young challenger” (goalkeeper trainer Simon Henzler) praises the coach outrageously: “He is so young, has little experience and plays with such calm, t hat’s great. Alex already has a very high quality.”

Tedesco does not want to deny that he is the best footballer, but also Ralle has very high qualities. There is no better one in the Bundesliga in terms of the coming out and the rule of the penalty room.”

But this time, during the age difference between Rust and New 13 years, there are only eight. That is why the question is: how long can the blood-young walnut no longer be digested, when ferryman is at the best gatekeeper age?

In the recent extension of the contract to 2021 “we told him that we see him as the gatekeeper for the time after Ferryman”, Heidel says: “And we talked about different scenarios.” One of them was also a rental. “But he has just made four very good games”, Heidel says, “That’s probably why we’re not talking about borrowing it or giving it away right now. We are very happy to have him.”

Ferryman says Tedesco will still need time after his adductor injury and may not return to the gate until after the country game break. He’ll make sure of that. But that is what Rost had done before the final change of gatekeeper.