With 89: Bernie Ecclestone becomes a father for the fourth time!

If the message had come 24 hours earlier, they would have thought many were a joke in April. On Thursday it was announced that former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone will father for the fourth time –at the age of now 89 years!

Opposite the Swiss view”Ecclestone confirmed the pregnancy of his wife Fabiana (41). Yes, in the summer it is so,”said Ecclestone, who also tells that he is expecting his first son. With Petra (31), Tamara (35) and Deborah (65), he already has three daughters.

At the same time he is the first child in common with Mrs Fabiana, whom he married in the year 2012. The two currently live on a farm in Brazil. Also in South America, the Coronavirus is currently spreading. Like all parents, we have only one wish: The child must come into the world healthy,”says Fabiana.

“After my Formula One time we had plenty of time to practice,”Ecclestone, who grows old in October 1990s, laughs, explaining:”Without humor and fun you will break down in these days. But now I just want to have a good time with Fabiana in the apparently even longer isolation.”

Ecclestone is already five-time grandfather and thanks to his first daughter Deborah is already great grandfather.