WM Miracles missed: DHB team now playing at fifth place

Germany has missed the first World Cup semi-final since 2007 and thus its handball miracle. The tournament runner lost the quarterfinals against host Qatar in Doha with 24:26 (14:18) and must now enter the ranking round of five to eight games.

There are three places to participate in the qualification for the Olympic Games 2016. First opponent for the team of Federal trainer Sigurdsson is Croatia, Poland 22:24. Qatar, two years ago only WM-20, plays against Croatia’s conqueror Poland in the semi-finals. Before about 14.500 spectators Uwe Gensheimer threw five goals for the German team.

The captain was heartless. With his head hanging, he searched for words for the quarter-final defeat at the Handball World Cup in Qatar and the crushed dream of the semi-final.” This is a very big disappointment about a very big chance to move into the semi-finals. It hurts because I thought we deserved it,”said Gensheimer.

“It hurts. But you have to go through that,”said the trainer,”we have two more games, we are prepared for that. Now it is important not to let the heads hang.”In the evening the team consoled themselves with a good meal in an Italian restaurant. We’re going to play five to eight. If someone had told us this before, we would have cheered and celebrated,”said DHB sports director Bob Hanning,”Croatia against Germany could also have been a semi-finals.”

Federal trainer Sigurdsson seemed to be getting nothing out of hand before the most important game of his still young federal trainer career. Even the appointment of Macedonian referees Gjorgji Nachevski and Slave Nikolov, who had already led the German pre-round against Poland (29:26), did not impress him. “He was not impressed by the fact that I wouldn’t worry about it. We focus on the positive things: that we are in shape, that we play good handball, that the hall gets full, good mood, the sun shines,”he said.

But the good mood quickly faded away. The German team came into the background first with 3:6 (13.), then with 5:9 (15.) and finally with 6:11 (18.) and 7:13 (20). The resistance in the parties previously so strong could not cope with the Qataris at all. In particular, the backroom players Zarko Markovic and Rafael Capote, as well as the noisy cyclist Borja Vidal, did not get the DHB team und er control. In addition, numerous opportunities have been given. Among other things Uwe Gensheimer failed with two seven meters at his former club colleague from the Rhine-Neckar Lion Goran Stojanovic.

So frustration spread early in the team around Captain Gensheimer, who joined a ranking with Katars Bertrand Roine and, after video evidence of the backroom player collecting a two-minute penalty. And two more times after video evidence was decided against the German team and each time a goal was recognized.

For all the abundance the referendums had not caught their best day and clearly explained the rules on both sides differently.” I would have liked the arbitrators to draw a line faster,”DHB President Bernhard Bauer said in the first half of the year, saying,”Up to three minutes before the end, I believed that we would at least make an unsolved one. But then we also had bad luck with the referee decisions.”

Despite a 9:16 delay (27.), the German team, which missed the cool of the previous games, did not give up and came up to the break on 14:18 (30).” It will be,”said old Bundestrainer Heiner Brand, and looking at the host, he said:”The level they can’t hold.”As if the German players had heard fire, they started a chase. The Germans tightened their grip in the defense, goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter held strong. Every goal success was hard work. But closer than on 19:20 (39.) and at the end 24:26 (56), the DHB team did not get any closer.

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