Wolff: Final victory against Spain " no more topic"

Andreas Wolff paved the way for the Bad Boys with a bear-like performance in the EM final 2016 against Spain. On Wednesday, the Iberian showdown comes again. The victory of two years ago, however, no longer matters to the goalkeeper.

“It is good that the Spaniards still think about it. Wolff said in an interview with “Spox” and admitted, “But quite frankly, for us or for me personally, this is no longer a topic at all. No one cares what happened two years ago.”

The 26-year-old does not want to see the game again before the reunion. The crucial thing is that the shots of the Spaniards are clearly different from those of the time, because many other players are there,”Wolff said:”Therefore, it would not help me in the preparation of the game at all, Seeing the final game again.”

The motivation in the German camp is also great without thinking about the last coup:”I am of course as hot as anything else”, says Wolff.

The nominations of Finn Lemke and Rune Dahmke have contributed to the positive basic mood.” Against Denmark it has already been seen that we already have a better feeling. We definitely have to let out some of this bad boy act to teach the Spaniards the fear”, the Keeper of the THW Kiel presented the march route.

Special job for Gensheimer: “Best left-handed man in the world”

Uwe Uwe Gensheimer is currently in a small shape crisis, is no problem for Wolff: “Uwe is our captain and the best left-handed man in the world, Gensheimer is under the same pressure as the rest of the team and is also just a person, Wolff stressed.

Wolff reacted with a misunderstanding to the public criticism of German trainer Christian Prokop: “We are here, to focus on this tournament. It is absolutely irrelevant to us as a team what is currently being broadcast in any newspapers or on the Internet.”

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