Wolff: Halo the ugliest thing of all time

Mercedes Sports Director Toto Wolff has made clear criticism of the Halo head guard. The system introduced in Formula One season 2018 does not find Austria at all appealing visually:

This is the ugliest thing t hat has unfortunately ever come on a car,”he wets himself in the”ORF”. However, Wolff does not advocate postponing Halo or putting it on the record.

Even if he personally does not like it at all: “I would like to cut it off, but you have to do something for the safety of the drivers. That’s why you just can’t take it away,”says Wolff. An argument that the FIA had to accept after sober and successful tests. It is faced with the dilemma of having to introduce the technology now.

Reason: If an accident occurs next year, the consequences of which Halo could have demonstrably minimized or prevented, the World Motor Association is immediately at the forefront. Against the background of a possible lawsuit by the family of the fatally injured Jules Bianchi, the scenario would be like a GAU – ergo the FIA chose the lesser evil and pressed through Halo.

Wolff hopes that the template will be further developed and made more attractive: “I wished, that it looks a little more challenging visually. We may be able to do something for 2019 or 2020 that protects the driver and gives him safety, but does not look like it.”Techniques such as the”Shield”windscreen have temporarily failed, but could come with sufficient development into a rice festival stage in which they will get back into focus.