Wolff-Pleite v Wetzlar " a shit feeling"

Gatekeeper Andreas Wolff of the German record master THW Kiel will not remember the return to his former club HSG Wetzlar after the unexpected defeat of the Zebras in the Hessians in any good way.

Andreas Wolff was restless and birthday boy Alfred Gislason did not feel at all like a boost: In the team bus of the German record champion THW Kiel reigned after the unexpected 24:27 (10:15) bankruptcy at the former Bundesliga favorite opponent HSG Wetzlar at midnight despite the 57th birthday of Coach Gislason spirit vote instead of partylaune. his change to the zebras especially grisly trin.” I don’t think I’m going to remember this day very well,”the bearded European Champion, after the early first slip of the season into the”ARD”microphone,”I was looking forward to the game, and I’ve seen a lot of acquaintances, but to describe my state of mind, It doesn’t need big words: a shit feeling.”

For the undefeated

The THW-Keeper had spit out big sounds before the season air raid and warmed up Kiel’s”potential not to lose a game”. The fact that Wolff’s prediction was not even 48 hours after the 27:22 to the start of the season at 1898 Stuttgart was already a waste, hit the self-proclaimed championship favorites like a stake.

Possibly everywhere, But it was certainly not in Wetzlar that Kiel’s Starensemble had feared a damper for his ambitions to regain the title lost to the Rhine-Neckar lions: since their last defeat against the middle Hessians in October 2002 the Northern Lights until Tuesday evening had all the 27 Bundesliga duels with Wetzlar However, to continue their success series, the team of success coach Alfred Gislason simply did not offer enough. Not even Kiel was in the lead as a result of a completely disappointing performance in the first pass and was constantly lagging behind, but could not, despite recognizable efforts, initiate a really compelling catch-up. Gislason’s hopes for an obligatory journey as an early gift to his 57th. Birthday on Wednesday therefore had to inevitably remain unfulfilled.

The playful points weigh more heavily for the Icelander than the spoiled party on the night’s journey. As we played, the defeat was deserved,”said Guilasons briefly connected to the”Kieler News.”

In Wetzlar’s camp Jannick Kohlbacher was delighted to see”ARD”cameras about his team’s coup and five of his own hits against his buddy Wolff:”I am so often desperate for him, but this time I always knew, what he does. I feel sorry for him, but for us it’s a cool thing.”Kohlbacher’s club gave the sensational victory an even higher priority and gave his fans on the homepage a corresponding tip:”Frame and enjoy.”

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