Zverev is waiting for " the highlight of my life"

The course of the day is clear. There’s not much I can do,”says Alexander Zverev about the two-week quarantine in advance of the Australian Open in Melbourne

Two home trainers in the hotel room, a PlayStation and a Whats app group with the other German tennis professionals, that’s what happened with the recreational design. After all, “I can always see my brother Mischa, there is a connecting door between our rooms,” Zverev said in an interview with the “Image on Sunday”.

And that is not irrelevant, because the ten-year-old Mischa has been responsible for managing the world ranking list area since the recent separation of Roger Federer’s agency “Team8″. The boss in Zverev’s house was not Mischa by any means. My boss? Then we laugh, I think, all limp,”said Alexander,”We just take the business more into our hands, and Mischa helps me do it.”Sergey Bubka Jr., son of the same-name pole-vault legend, is also involved in the inner circle:”They are the right people, They act in my interest.”

Boris Becker currently”no topic”

And since Father Alexander Sr. now has the sole say in daily training, at least for the moment Boris Becker, who has been repeatedly put into play by DTB Vice President Dirk Hordorff, is not an option in team Zverev. We have been talking to Boris for years,”said Alexander the BamS,”We have a very good contact. But this is not an issue for the next few months.”

The fact that the trainer question at Zverev became topical again was a consequence of the surprising separation from the Spaniard David Ferrer.” I loved David as a coach,”said the world ranking member,”Aside from my father, he was the best coach I ever had. Corona would then have been the problem: “He wanted to be with his family more. I can understand that, but we have left everything open for the future.”

Fatherly pleasures”the highlight of my life”

The term”family”may also have a whole new meaning for Alexander Zverev this year, Because his former partner Brenda Patea is expecting the first child together in February. A milestone that Zverev himself says is more excited about than the much-desired first Grand Slam victory: “This is a very special feeling for every person in the world. He also knows the sex of the child, but “we have decided not to say it yet”.

Another ex-girlfriend accuses Zverev of physical violence, a reproach vehemently refuted by the 23-year-old. None of this is true, but one could unfortunately “assume everything with the power of social media nowadays”. He has nevertheless chosen to remain silent, because “the more I talk, the bigger and longer history will go on”.

And that is why Zverev prefers to focus on the birth of his child and his sporting future. That in Corona times, meanwhile, his luxurious head hair grows in all directions without the possible barber visit in quarantine, Zverev sees quite unequivocally: “If you know me, you know that I don’t care about my hair. I just let them grow, and the way they look, they look.”

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